The game of Icebocce is the newest thing coming to your local ice rinks. With the ease of the game makes Icebocce great entertainment for all ages.  The game is like no other. It can be a team sport or individual one. It has lots of moving targets and doesn't need a lot of talent to play.


To learn more about where to play the game of Icebocce and up coming events.  Go to the World Icebocce Association web site. 


"Are You Ready To Play The Newest Thing On Ice"

Want to own you own Icebocce game set.  TESENT Games provides Icebocce game sets by SLYDYSK and all the accessories to play the game of Icebocce. 

Want to learn more about the game of Icebocce.  Read more about the general play, rules, court size, terms, definitions and equipment for playing the game of Icebocce.