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"The game of Icebocce, is a game that combines several games like Bowling, Curling, Bocce, Burling, Ice Stock Sport known as Bavarian Curling (Eissrockschiessen) and Shuffle Board.  It is a game most similar to Bocce but is played on ice with 8 three pound Icebocce Dysks and a puck or jack.  The official ice court size is 85’(4m) x 13’(25.9m) with side bumpers and end boards, but ideally the game can be played anywhere there’s an ice surface."

World Icebocce Association
"Creating Competitive Alliances"

Want to learn more about the general rules of the game of Icebocce.  Start here than read more about the standard court rules, court size, terms, definitions and equipment for playing the game of Icebocce.

To learn more about where to play the game of Icebocce and up coming events.  Go to the World Icebocce Association web site. 


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